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  • Tight, low pitched barky cough (seal like bark).
  • Voice or cry hoarse sounding.
  • Child may have stridor – crowing like noise when child breathes in as croup becomes worse.
  • Symptoms tend to increase in the evening and last for 5 -6 days.
  • Associated symptoms include fever or nasal congestion.


Croup without stridor:

  • Cool mist vaporizer at night.
  • Increase daily fluid intake. Use warm fluids if having cough spasms to relax airways.
  • Ibuprogen if older than 6 months. Cold medications or antibiotics do not cure the illness.

Croup with stridor:

  • Take child outside for 5 -10 minutes into cold night air or have the child breathe in air from an open freezer.
  • Foggy bathroom -turn on the hot water in the shower and close the bathroom door. Bring the child into the foggy room to breathe the warm moist air for 10-15 minutes.
  • If these measures are unsuccessful call the office immediately.

Category: Common Illnesses

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