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  • Strike or blow of the head, may not always include loss of consciousness.
  • If loss of consciousness call office immediately.
  • If child remains unconscious or looks critically ill – call 911.

Treatment (if no loss of consciousness):

  • Clean any scrapes or cuts with soap and water.
  • Apply direct pressure to cuts for 10 minutes to control bleeding (Caution: head injuries tend to bleed heavily).
  • Apply cool compress or ice pack to affected area to decrease swelling.
  • Give acetaminophen for headache.
  • If child is sleepy allow them to sleep, but stay nearby and arouse every two hours during the day or four hours during the night.

Observe child and notify your doctor if any of the following are noticed:

  • Child has a deep cut in the scalp that may need suturing.
  • Child becomes disoriented, confused or dizzy.
  • Child begins vomiting more than twice ( is not uncommon for child to vomit right after injury occurs if upset).
  • Child is having difficulty speaking or blurred vision.
  • Child is having blood or watery fluid from nose or ears.
  • Child cannot remember how injury occurred.
  • Child is unusually sleepy.

Category: Common Illnesses

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